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Fusion AI SaaS Solutions


'WinHub.AI' is a Fusion AI SaaS Platform solution offering customers integrated services in computer vision, data analysis (AutoML), expert systems, and traditional algorithms. This platform enables customers to quickly complete AI development and deployment through a one-stop platform. The key feature is assisting customers in developing and utilizing AI models required for their purposes, combining the productization experience of AIWin Technology, and providing services in the form of AI SaaS. To make it easier for customers to build an AI environment and enable everyone to use AI, customers only need to understand their industry knowledge and be able to operate the AI SaaS scenario. Without relying on software engineers and data scientists, customers can easily establish and deploy AI, significantly lowering the operational threshold and overcoming the issue of talent shortage.


You can use AI without programming.


AI model and data are under systematic control. No need to worry.

Large Models and Generative AI

Integrating large models with generative AI for faster and more efficient model building


Domains are integrated. There’s no need for switching between AI and domain.


The industrial benefit has been verified

The industrial benefit has been verified. There’s no need to worry about where there would be no benefit. Quick verification and implementation.

Automatic Data Generation and Labeling

No worries about organizing with a lot of data, time-consuming; no worries about insufficient data with a little data

Standardized software and hardware

Software and hardware have been standardized from input to output. There’s no need to worry about the software or hardware specifications.

Professional AI talent not required

Operate and possess AI easily without professional AI talent.

Universal SaaS


AIWinOps is an AI SaaS Solution developed by AIWin Technology, leveraging their experience in AI implementation for clients since 2016. It primarily focuses on smart manufacturing AI image recognition technology, addressing various factory visual recognition issues such as defect detection and personnel image recognition. With over a hundred verifications and commercial deployments completed, AIWinOps has been standardized for our use. Applicable fields include semiconductors, passive components, smart agriculture, factory safety, petrochemical pipelines, the textile industry, and the golf industry.


NumOps is an AI SaaS Solution created by AIWin Technology based on the experience of helping the client with AI landing since 2016. It mainly focuses on numeric data analysis. We offer AutoML and the expert system. You can build your own model easily without programming. Our biggest feature is that you can create a model before you have your data ready. NumOps can be used in energy saving control, control optimization, order prediction, production line exception prediction, equipment maintenance and repair prediction, and sales and stock prediction.

Domain-specific SaaS


GSD , a water supplies expert, AIWin Technology and hoped to integrate its own expertise in water supplies with experience in AI guidance and landing expertise possessed by AIWin Technology, to develop WaterOps, a standardized AI SaaS – WaterOps platform in water supplies domain. WaterOps offers water supplies functions combining knowledge in environmental engineering with AI. Corporations with needs in water supplies can enjoy the value of AI easily. Nowadays numerous corporation have fulfilled the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) responsibility. Sewage treatment, water recycling and service life extension of equipment are carbon reduction methods implemented. The smart analysis functions such as AI decision-making for sewage treatment control provided by WaterOps help with environmental engineering analysis and help onsite operators make precise decisions, reduce energy consumption and waste incurred from dosage. Treatment and consumption simulation of water treatment (energy and medicine consumption) can be achieved via the AI SaaS platform. Based on the results, corporations can evaluate energy use more clearly, check their feedback report on carbon footprint based on energy use and further fulfill ESG responsibility in a better way.


NDTOps is the digital image recognition technology developed by AIWin Technology with integration of non-destructive metal inspection technology. With a combination of the image acquisition standardization process and equipment, NDTOps creates a digital film database via film scanning digitalization. Meanwhile, the deep learning technology has been adopted to build the interpretation system of AI smart inspection. NDTOps offers the solution of technology for digitalization and recognition of X-/Gamma ray image defect. The recognition of image defect of X-/Gamma ray and character recognition can be achieved effectively and meet national interpretation standards. The technology and competitiveness of non-destructive inspection are enhanced. Inspection is no longer performed by labor only. In the meantime, risk of misjudgment is reduced and inspection reliability is improved.


SILTFI mainly aims to provide a one-stop platform to collect, analyze, visualize and present geotechnical data to facilitate the preparation of Geotechnical Interpretive Report (GIR) and Geotechnical Factual Report (GFR) which are normally time-consuming and prone to errors for a large infrastructure project, particularly at tender stage.SILTFI includes the following functionality and features:

  • A secure platform for managing all of the geotechnical information.
  • Cloud-based access that promotes collaboration and sharing among all end users.
  • Immediate production of Interactive geotechnical long sections and cross sections.
  • Visual site layout on a map.
  • Automatic identification of inconsistencies between field data and lab test results for engineers to make necessary corrections.
  • 28 geotechnical charts that cover all geotechnical aspects and can be directly included in GIRs.
  • Ability for user to interpret test results and derive design parameters through interactions with the charts.


ULS-RWS is a software that deals with the ultimate limit state (ULS) analysis for all types of embedded retaining walls. The main objective is to calculate the minimum required wall embedment.ULS-RWS includes the following functionality and features:

  • Suitable for cantilevered, single-propped or multi-propped retaining walls
  • Adaptable to any design standards (such as BS8002, Eurocode 1997-1, AS 4678 and AS 5100)
  • Adoption of the latest “Limiting Equilibrium” method, and at the same time providing analysis using conventional CP2 method for comparison purpose
  • Hydraulic failure (piping) checking
  • Capable of taking into account all the design conditions including:
    • Ka and Kp values automatically calculated following Annex C of Eurocode EN 1997-1:2004
    • Ka and Kp values alternatively input manually by user
    • Minimum lateral pressures in tension cracks (MEFP:Minimum Equivalent Fluid Pressures)
    • Balanced / Unbalanced water pressures at wall toe
    • Application of external loading on wall top(such as fence wind loading)
    • Non-continuous retaining wall (3-dimensional effects)


AIWin Technology assisted the laboratory of Professor Pau-Choo Chung at National Cheng Kung University in completing MLOps, cloud integration, and AI training automation for the ALOVAS platform. ALOVAS is an artificial intelligence pathology platform that can reference both cellular-level features and tissue structure, aiding doctors in rapidly identifying liver disease issues such as hepatitis, fatty liver, and tumors. The integrated algorithms help doctors quickly locate patients' issues, reduce the burden of diagnostic work, and minimize subjective judgment bias. Our platform provides a high-resolution real-time image viewer and automated workflows. It also allows for direct annotation and structured reporting on the platform, accelerating the diagnostic speed for liver pathology images.



'LADIES IN LOVE' is a renowned platform for second-hand luxury goods and shopping. To offer members more secure transaction services, it has partnered with AIWin Technology to develop a 'Luxury Item Provenance Tracking System'. Leveraging extensive experience in AI image recognition development, AIWin Technology has aided LADIES IN LOVE in creating a specialized AI service platform. Utilizing algorithms akin to human fingerprint recognition, this system establishes a unique fingerprint for each luxury item, capturing a series of images that exhibit their distinct features, and providing a form of identification for the luxury goods, ensuring safe and reliable authentication for second-hand luxury transactions.

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